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Can the Carolinas keep up with COVID vaccine demand? Connect the Dots

Millions more people in North Carolina are eligible for the COVID vaccine. But with so much talk about short supply, how are state leaders confident in the rollout?

It’s kind of a perfect storm of everything falling into place at the right time. First, Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine has been approved the FDA, with tens of thousands of shots being sent to the region. This vaccine will be easier to administer because it only requires one shot and doesn’t have the strict temperature needs of the Pfizer vaccine.

Both Carolinas will keep getting new shipments weekly. They’re also getting more shipments of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Pfizer said they’re now able to double their production of the vaccine, which will help more people get vaccinated quickly.

Pharmacies are also doing their part by receiving vaccines from the federal government, not the state. This keeps supply lines moving and allows health care providers to remain in constant contact with state health leaders on keeping demand met. #WakeUpCLT #COVID19 #Vaccine


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