Tailypo: A Tale of Terror…and other fun holiday crafts!!!

Tailypo: A Tale of Terror…and other fun holiday crafts!!!


October 28


08:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Sea Beast Puppet Company

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/sea-beast-puppet-company-3913045915
Join Sea Beast Puppet Company for a truly terrifying shadow performance. Stay after to see behind the scenes and make your own monster.

It’s October and we’re so excited to be scared!!! (In a fun, fake, Halloween way, not an “I just watched the news” way.) So join us for shrieks and squeals as we bust out our favorite Halloween show “Tailypo.”

This American folktale takes place on the Louisiana bayou where William and his 3 dogs are living off the land. All seems well for them until they make the mistake of hunting down the wrong critter…But that’s not all you get, no-sir-e-bob! The evening (hosted by the hilarious Kat Pleviak and Mary Kate Jenkins) will be full of laughs as well as screams and will end with a spooky craft! That’s right, ticket holders will be emailed a shadow puppet pattern and be invited to stay after the performance to make a Tailypo of their very own alongside the hostesses with the mostesses.

“Tailypo” has been performed live all over the county including the LEAF Festival in Asheville, NC, the Detroit Institute of Art, and it won Best in Show at the Chicago Fringe Festival 2013.

We’ve gotten various responses on what age this show is most appropriate for, so we say ages 8+ but it’s your living room so it’s your call.