G.A.P. Covid-19 Free Meals

During these difficult times, it is refreshing to see our local communities step up and address the forgotten symptoms of Covid-19. The Grass-roots Aid Partnership provides high quality plant-based food to people in need at no cost. Traditionally, food banks give out less than desirable food such as expired items and junk food, but G.A.P. has put a focus on health and sustainability.

As the executive director Dave Anderson explains, G.A.P. is attempting to give “people need more than just the meal, the meal is the doorway to the other kinds of aid we can give.” The goal of the group is to help rebuild people’s lives and the crew consists of anyone trying to help out in the safest way possible.

Sharing the love is an important and G.A.P. is active throughout the community, assisting farmers with supply, educating children about gardening, and providing nutritious meals to people in need. The program is always looking for volunteers at or they can be reached at +1(823)-781-7GAP or through email at

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