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Pastimes in Asheville North Carolina Comic Book New Releases 2-17-2021

Pastimes in Asheville, North Carolina with this week’s new comic book releases. (Presented by Scott). Pastimes is Asheville’s oldest and most trusted comic book store. Established in 1980 and serving Asheville proudly ever since. We welcome everyone from all walks of life and every corner of the universe and are a safe haven for everyone. Please come by, talk comics, and hang out with us. Pastimes is a full service comic book store concentrating on all aspects of comic books and anything related. Our store is located at 175 Weaverville Hwy in North Asheville North Carolina. Our business hours are Monday through Saturday 11 to 7 and Sunday 12 to 5. Thanks for being here and being part of us. Please comment, like and subscribe to our channel. We do appreciate you and any input you have into making our store and videos a stronger place to be and hang out. Come say hi!

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