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Some NC counties open Group 4 COVID vaccine appointments early

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services will open some of the Group 4 eligibility March 17. That includes people with select pre-existing health conditions, and those residing in group living facilities.

The essential, front-line workers listed under North Carolina’s Group 4 will have to wait until April 7 for eligiblity.

Cooper credited with anticipated vaccine supply as the reason for the select early start.

Group 4 includes people with pre-existing medical conditions that put them at risk for serious illness from COVID-19. Some of these conditions include asthma, diabetes, and obesity. It also includes essential workers, such as retail employees and utility workers, not previously vaccinated.

Homeless people living in shelters, incarcerated people, and college students living in dormitories are also eligible under Group 4. #WakeUpCLT #COVID19


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