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What to do in Asheville/ Asheville’s best kept secret!/ No Taste Like Home

Asheville is known for outdoor activities, but you probably haven’t heard of Asheville’s Best kept secret, a tour suited perfectly for outdoor and nature lovers!

Are you wondering what there is to do in Asheville, NC that you haven’t heard of before? Looking for something a little different? Then I have the tour for you!

No Taste Like Home food foraging tours shows you how to feast and forage for wild edibles in the area. Plants you may even find in your own back yard. Many of the invasive plants and weeds that we see as eyesores are actually quite nutritious!

This video shows you just a taste of what the tour is like with some of my personal favorite highlights such as;
finding out what common invasive plant is used to treat Covid 19?
What plant treats bee stings?
What plant acts as an antidote for poison ivy?
What Rhyme helps us identify a Poison ivy plant and which one is popular but wrong!

If you’re interested in taking a tour with No taste Like home, or you’d just like to learn more . . . here’s the link. Enjoy!

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